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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Just a few of the comments from our Jan 2009 Customer survey. Many thanks to our customers for the wonderful feedback we've received. Makes our efforts more worthwhile.

“Excellent service and communication at all times”
Mr Lant, Welshpool.

“Perfect service” Mr Comben, Boston Lincs.

“Very good quality rubber, very pleased with my purchase” Mrs Puddifoot, Wisbech.

“Professional, helpful, honest, excellent service and excellent product” Mrs Bateman, Lincs.

“Completely unbiased, excellent advice and knowledge, Great service” Mr Howe, Somerset.

“Very pleased with the surfaces, excellent to ride on, perfect all weather surface. Most impressed”
Mrs Gamblin, Southampton.

We have many more like these and many customers willing to recommend.
Please ask for details.

Best Wishes from the Springride Team