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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Arena Surfaces - Great feed-back

Just thought we should mention that we're getting great feed-back from our customers who tell us that our 25mm Chip is better than anything else they've seen. Not just one, but every customer says the same. It's good to hear because it means our efforts aren't in vain. We really have put maximum effort into our processes, we don't just want to 'sell' our surfaces, we want our customers to love them and enjoy riding on them. It's important to us.

We understand the trials and tribulations of the equine owner and we genuinely don't want to waste your money by selling inferior products. You can buy badly processed, dusty rubber, and for less money, because less time and effort has gone into the production and because not every one cares about the consumer. We do.

Call for samples and you'll see the difference. N.B. Our delivered product WILL look like our sample. Click the label at the top of this post to go direct to our enquiry page.

Best wishes from the Springride Team.